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Miriam Anzovin is a Boston-based visual artist working in abstract, decorative, and surrealist imagery. Her artistic vision stems from a concentrated preoccupation with sacred imagery and motifs. Miriam finds inspiration in the artistic traditions of the Middle East as reflected in Jewish and Muslim illuminated texts, as well as in the research of design theorist Owen Jones. Prints of her digital art have been shown at The Boston Exhibition and Convention Center, Cafe Japanaise in Boston and Out of the Blue Gallery and Karen Aqua Gallery in Cambridge. Selections of Miriam's work were showcased in two NYC shows in 2013--"The Story of the Creative" and "Creatives Rising." Miriam's art has been published in PresenTense Magazine, and The Queens College Journal of Jewish Studies.

In addition to art she creates on commission, Miriam also most recently created social media campaigns, T-shirts, print pieces, and more for The David Project, a Boston-based Israel Advocacy non-profit. She received the 2014 Apex Awards for Publication Excellence for her work with Jamie Lacroix on The David Project's 2012-13 Annual Report. This year, Miriam received the 2015 Apex Awards for Publication Excellence for her solo design of The David Project's 2013-14 Annual Report.

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